I find the download speed of a large 1.29GB package in winget is orders of magnitude slower than downloading the same package in the browser. Windows Defender Firewall or the firewall used by your antivirus could be blocking your downloads. If you are positive that your download is secure, you can try to temporarily disable Firewall to increase Steam download speed.

How to permanently disable Windows Defender Antivirus on windows

Download Defender Control from Sordum’s website by clicking the “Download” button. You will need a password to extract the package, and the password is “sordum” without quotes.

Windows 10 latest version 1903 free download

Microsoft Defender’s scanner will happily step out of the way. I hope you liked the shortcut or assembly-csharp.dll download command-line method to enable and disable Windows Defender real-time protection on your computer. You can create separate desktop shortcuts to the above commands to quickly enable or disable the Microsoft Defender Antivirus service.

The integration does still work well because I just updated the lists and had to go through integration and install three or four times while testing. It went through the Finalizing Settings screen in under 10 seconds for me. We’re pretty much at the wall for End of Life, do you think you’ll have time for a final update of the recommended patch lists (ulz files?). The intermediate updates are there to satisfy Windows Update. You don’t need any previous monthly rollups and only the latest 2020 version is in the list, that’s the whole point of the rollups. Some updates still show up as required in Windows update, even if they have been superseded by a cumulative update or if they have been included in one of the rollups. I’m not surprised to see the monthly update preview or windows defender definitions.

Download Files in No Time

When your system cannot be upgraded for uncertain errors, like Windows update error 80072EFE, you may be at risk of data loss. If you want to keep your data safe in such conditions, use EaseUS data recovery software.

Home edition users won’t have access to the Group Policy Editor. In that case, you can modify registry keys to disable Windows Defender. Select “Not Configured” in the policy settings window to enable Windows Defender again and restart the system.

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